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Mid Pressure Misting Pumps

Pressure: 160-250 Psi

Support up to 35 Nozzles.

High Pressure Mist Pumps

Pressure: 1000-1500 Psi

Capacity: 10 Nozzles to 2000 Nozzles or more

Mosquito Misting Pumps

Pressure: 160 - 250 Psi



Can Pressure washer pump be use for Misting application?
Pressure washer pumps are for vehicle washing/ Cleaning purpose only. The simple answer is NO.
Pressure washer Pumps are made to deliver high Flow for intermittent duty cycle, in another word, they are not made for continuous duty operation. Due to continuous recycle water entering in to the inlet from discharge, unused water create a lot of Turbulence and heat, which cause frequent failure of pump seals and burnt the motor due to over heat up to dangerous levels. Misting pumps normally run at such a low speed at about 950 to 1500 rpm’s, that’s usually way less (Half ) the speed of a pressure washer;. High Speed is always louder and have very short span of life due to wear and tear at high Speed.
The misting pump incorporate a bypass regulator cum Pressure Setting Valve (than the un-loader valve in the pressure washer) to keep the constant uniform pressure on the misting line during its working. Misting Pumps require 700 psi to get fine non wet mist, above than that, the water droplet size will not change, but will consume more water which will be simple waste of water. Misting Pump consume less Horse power than Pressure washer, means save energy/electric bill up to 25% The reason of failure of pumps either running dry without water or bypassing large quantity of water.
  • Misting Pumps- Residential

    Low Cost


    160 Psi to 1000 Psi

  • Misting Pumps- Commercial

    10 Nozzles to 200 Nozzles

    1000-1500 Psi

  • Misting Pumps- Industrial

    Customizable up to any number of Nozzles

    Pressure 1000 to 20,000 Psi